Tuesday, September 14, 2010

headband holder DIY

okay i am so stress! my room is in a mess! i have too many things. anyways, i love headbands. due to the gossip girl craze. haha. i have quite a number of headbands and i put everything in a basket and i tend to forget to wear some of them as they are located at the bottom of the basket. initially, i thought of buying a headband holder but as i was googling for headband holders, i found a DIY guide to a headband holder buy using oatmeal tubs! so let's get creative i thought. according to the website, it'd only take you minutes but as i am not much a creative person and i can be very clumsy handling scissors it took me about 1/2 hour to complete it. anyways, the pictures!!!

the oatmeal tubs.

i used a wrapping paper to wrap the bottles. i've had this wrapping paper since ages ago. i think it would look prettier if i were to use cloth but heck i do not want to use any $$$.

some of my headbands. there were still a few downstairs and i was too lazy to get them. =b

my headbands in my own DIY headband holders. =)

i thought that making two headband holders were enough but it turns out that i still needed to store some into the basket as i ran out of ENERGY and OATMEAL TUBS. i will be making another one soon. =b

oh tonight the first episode of GG. can't wait!!!


Christy said...

I need a headband holder so bad. My hubby pulled out the Oatmeal tube and was like, "how about we wrap this with cloth?" So I googled the idea and found your post. Looks like it works wonderfully. Thanks for the tip! If you don't mind, I'm going to link this post with my blog?

Nadyra said...

hi, u can check out my blog if you love headbands! follow me and drop some comments yeah?

Elaine Mya said...

nice one. gonna make one for my self later to put all my headband collection.. fell free to visit my blog ya..