Sunday, September 19, 2010

pre Monday blues

okay note to self: i still haven't watched season 7 / 8 Part 2 of One Tree Hill. I can't keep track of the show anymore. but i can't keep my eyes of Brooke Davis. so i will watch it.

currently i'm watching Rules of Engagement. It's not F.R.I.E.N.D.S but the show cracks me up most of the time. A good 'activity' to do in order to reward yourself before MONDAY!!! urghhhh!!!! i miss having summer and winter breaksss!!! if only Malaysia were four seasonssss!!! (okay. keep on dreaming)

okay. suddenly. i feel the sudden urge to braid my hair. i know it's so LAST YEAR when Lauren Conrad was still in The Hills but I think it's so pretty as at times I am sick of wearing headbands. I wish I know how to braid my hair!

nicole richie rocking the braids!

and of course the always beautiful Lauren Conrad.

I can't help but I have a thing for beautiful girls. Well, who doesn't?? Three of my always favourite ladies (guilty pleasure):

a. Blair Waldorf (not a big fan of Leighton Meester though)
b. Britney Spears (i'm always her biggest supporter)
c. Lauren Conrad (just love her style and BAD HABITS. LOL)


akufrazi said...

gegeh gila ko godek godek blog yee.. hahaha

Fatin Haya said...

haha. janganla jealousssss!!!