Wednesday, September 15, 2010

storing my pretties

okay after making the headband holders yesterday, i was 'inspired' to organize my necklaces etc. as i haven't worn most of them for ages. plus, most of them are tangled with each other. so kesian!! haha. before putting up the pictures, honestly i still haven't put up most of my earrings, as it will take up more time and i want to update my blog ASAP. LOL.

this is my so called jewellery area where i organize and show off my jewellery. it is near behind my dressing table so while i am getting ready i can always think of which ring / necklace to wear for work.

this is my earring holder. only for earrings with hook back. i made this myself using a shoe box and a pair of fishnet panty hose. easy peasy.

this is where i store my cocktail rings using an old ice cream dish. =b

in the ashtray: earrings with loop back and my favourite pins
frame below: are for earrings with post backs. i still have more of them inside my jewellery box but i'm too lazy to put in on straightaway. =b

now, all i need is a bangle holder and i have quite a number of chunky bangles. that i think i need to buy. =b i hope that now, i'll be fair to all my prettiesssss. hehe.

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