Monday, October 4, 2010


okay i had a really long afternoon nap as i was fasting. i slept for like 3 hours. when i woke up i was like so blur as i was thinking of the day and time. anyways, the purpose of this entry is to share my dream. my weird weird dream. i dreamt that i went to school with a friend from IPBA (a very not-so-close friend). as i was entering SSI, it turns out to be a GALA at the White House. As I got through security, a famous person was so eager to take photos with me.. GUESS who?? of all the people, Senator Hillary Clinton. LOL. She was like so excited to take photos with me and we both gave our cellphones to the photographer aka my friend. While we were giving out our cellphones she told me that we must not accidentally take each others phones.. BECAUSE we were both using iphones and she used the same bling casing as mine except hers is in black and i got really excited of her iphone when i realize we had the same crack on our screens! and then when we were taking photos people were asking me to be more natural and hug her bla bla bla... in the dream, it was so surreal! she even told me that she wants to update her FACEBOOK wall photos and of all the people she chose me. imagine how flattered am i in my dreams. she even promised that she would TAG my photos so that my friend could get jealous. okay that's the important SCENES of my dream that i remembered. what's odd is that i'm definitely not hillary clinton's biggest fan even though i kind of adore her. i guess, after this dream, i have to be one of her biggest fans. LOL.

okay i had to write this story here as i have no place else to share this story.

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