Sunday, October 31, 2010

of fun and hardships

i've had quite a memorable week! some important 'highlights' of my week.

1. i think i'd pass my spp but there were quite a number of questions where i couldn't answer them. and i actually even giggled when i couldn't answer them cause i was so NERVOUS!

2. next, preparing for the annual dinner. which was not too bad. except thinking of what to wear. luckily i wore something so simple as it was a very laid back & informal event.

3. okay sometimes it's hard to trust people. friendship troubles can be a pain in the ass as much as relationship troubles. i thought, when i start working it'll get easier. but it DOESN'T. i don't agree with many but when i reflect back, many might not be agreeing with as well. mmmm.

4. i think i did pretty okay in being the host during the dinner last night. at first i was worried that i might be too stiff but as time passed, i managed to loosen up. and so far i haven't receive any complaints. i mean people will rarely compliment on your good work but when you fail to do a good job, that's when you'll hear all the critics in the world.

5. okay i'm so tired of finding the perfect working shoes that is within my budget! *sigh*

okay i'm still tired! not in the mood to write moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............................................

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