Thursday, October 14, 2010

o hectic week!

some updates:

1. I was in Mersing for three days. which means I have been away from school for three days. Woohooooooooo! Had a great time with AWESOME PEOPLE: mark, myto, amnah, riza, auni, johnny lim and other IPBARIANS la except for *cough* *cough*. more like nak MUNTAH actually. =b

2. I was in the same group with you-know-who.. ya allah! capitalized MENYAMPAH! but this time around, I managed to control myself from membuat muka by IGNORING HER EXISTENCE. walaupun susah pasal mata silau ngan trashy materials scarves with kilat2.

3. Today, I was so annoyed with SOMEONE! I mean ape masalah tah nak buat muka & perli2. ishhhh~ malas nak spoil mood!

4. Anyways, to reward myself instead of picking up my baju dinner... i was so irritated with how my day when I went to HP instead. ALONE!! crazyyyyy.. so like orang gila i bought my self a chanel lip gloss. BUT BUT to my AWESOME DISCOVERYYYYYY, i found my dream scent. it's a limited addition but i don't have the M$$LAH to buy it!!! this is the point of the entry.. it costs rm265 for 75 ml. UWAAAA i want itttt!!!!
so this is the perfume. Marry me! The smell is so NICE!!!

okay now another hectic days. to prepare for our ANNUAL DINNER. dahla buat OUTDOOR!! right now i'm so not looking towards it cause it will be something totally casual... jeans it is...

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