Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation. says wikipedia. Today I ponder. To what extent is the 'freedom' in the freedom of speech? should there be a limitation? Or are we supposed to blurt out everything? me thinks, before we speak out whatever that's on my mind, me should think first. today, as a colleague, i nearly 'lost' myself to the 'power' of freedom of speech. I was so angry today. I nearly lost control of my thinking. words are blurted out of my mouth in speed even before the logic is being transmitted into my brain (is that even scientifically correct?). i always feel blessed that i love my working environment. i live in a PERFECT working environment. well, there is no such thing as PERFECT in this world. i'd say it's ALMOST perfect. i love ALMOST everyone. emphasizing on ALMOST. This 'almost' nearly made me lose control of myself. everyday, i wish that i don't have to be associated with 'almost'. Practicing my freedom of speech: I h8 you. I friggin hate you (note there's no censorship). i know as long as i'm near you, you'll make my life as IMPERFECT as you can possibly can. even when i try to view this problem by trying to fit myself into your shoes, i still agree with me. and YES, I was not being bias. urghhh I bloody HATE you! if only i could make you DISAPPEAR! i'm trying not to use the word B here as much as I want. you despise others' happiness. you take advantage in others. and you think too highly of yourself. you are never honest. you only USE others.

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akufrazi said...

Panjangggggnyaaaaaaa... Tau la exam weekkkk skrg!!'nnn