Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's just crush. CRUSH.

okay yesterday when i went to the mosque with my mum and an old friend,... we can't help but reminisce 10 years ago... when we were in Form 2, i had my first crush to this really tall guy. By tall i mean really tall.. he was 190 cm. PLUS, he was my so-called-abang angkat (obviously he had a GF). so, as i was in my Form 2, i wasn't really allowed to go out in the weekends as i had a really packed schedule. plus, i was in the afternoon session and he was in the morning session (he was form 5). anyways, one way that my friends and i did was to look at him during tarawikh. usually i did see him as i know the colours of his baju melayus (stalker much huh) and he's really tall so i can even peeked him although we were in different spaces (as in inside the mosque). and when i went to the mosque i will usually put on my BEST baju kurungs as i might TERSEREMPAK with him in one of the shops nearby. haha. so stupid rightttt? usually i would 'accidentally' bumped into him. and we would just smile at each other and exchange like two-three sentences. LIMITED!

TODAY, when I think back, I was CAPITALIZED STUPID back then. haha. and 3 years ago, before i flew off to NZ I did help out for his wedding as he's married to my neighbour. and when i looked back at his face i was like NOT THAT COMEL pun. why did i have such a lame crush and i made a fool out of myself countless of times. haha. in fact last year when i went to Clark&Hatch and i saw him i can't help but laugh at myself. i guess that's what you call crush. and it happened to me so many times in the past.

IN FACT, yesterday I did not dress up to go to the mosque. I was simply wearing my Little Miss Naughty pajamas and that's why my friend kept on laughing at me. She said that i used to dress up a little bit too much.. HAHA.

okay. this story might not be interesting to YOU. but i thought it was an interesting story. at least to ME.

xoFatin Haya.

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