Thursday, August 12, 2010


okay due to this fasting month and this is just the second day i'm writing a special entry on FOODS. hehe. the foodSSSSS that i'm craving for be it i can@cannot have it (as i can only get mostly in auckland)...

*drum rollings*


heat pizza @ wellesly (mount street)! oh my god. rindunyeeeeeee. back during the days when i am penniless, i will just buy a cheese pizza that cost only $5 (NEVER EVER convert when you're living abroad). even the cheese pizza is deeeeeee-liiiiiiii-cioussssssss. and then i also like to eat BBQ chicken pizza. pizza hut okayla but the cheese is not the same as the one in NZ. and don't even get me started on the pizzas @fresco hmmmm though a bit costly lagi la sedapppp. suddenly i feel sad that i don't have a picture of me @heat pizza =( because kan dekat uni aje. buat apela nak amek gambar...


damn ittttttt. i miss ikea's meatballs too. one of my bestest memories last year was when salina, fina & i wanted to go jogging @bangsar... when we were about to go jogging it started to rain heavily so instead of going back and eating at SCUD(ipba's food) we decided to eat @ikea. *salivating* even the egg tart is delicious. WHY am I living in JAYBEEEEEE?? urgh!!! even when bored after class pun can go ikea cause dekat je. now i only have Tebrau city =(


1901. nyum nyum. eating eat while watching movies. at least this i can still get it in jb but i have to get it @leisuremall @gsc. so whenever i go and watch movies there i'd buy it. *my stomache is singing lapar2*


St pierre's sushi. the one that can be bought @uni. in malaysia got sushi king and it's not that satisfying and it's not cheap either. small2 salmon. i don't like. LOL. and also onigiri. OMG. i miss eating GOOD SUSHI. and also takoyaki.


good old korean food! i've never tried korean food in malaysia cause i don't want to spoil my taste buds but having good korean food can make me happy. BBQ chicken & beef, fish egg hot&spicy soup, hot&spicy squids and the FREE side dishes. hehe. and then i'll eat in the mangkung besi and besi chopsticks which will make me feel very ngiluuuu. hehe.


italian denso @chocolate boutique @parnell. omg it's like the MOST DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE ever! i even have a picture of me eating it but malas to find it. it's warm & deliciousssssssss. it's what i'd call perfection.

4 FISHES in auckland. SNAPPER in particular. be it snapper fish&chips. or even the one that i'd bakar on my own. i still remember in the old days when baru masuk allowance we'd go to Taiping and buy it cause snapper is a bit more expensive la then dory.


this i can get in here. BUT in JB i don't where to get. if in IPBA i always buy it @pasar kerinchi.

2 USJ4 Bazaar Ramadhan! I simply LOVE the chinese muslim food. The claypot chicken rice is delicious!!! ade ikan masin and chilli potong. oh now i miss USJ plakkkkk. when i'm in USJ i'll be like kat JB got this this and thattttt. LOL.


oh my god burger fuel rindunye!!!! my favourite is C N CHEESE. i wonder when will i ever go back and eat there. =b. the burger is SO BIGGGG that i always end up not finishing eat. haha. i love eating the fries served with aioli dip. AHHHH-MAHHHH-ZINNNNNGGGG.

okay actually i'm craving for a lot more FOODS. like suddenly i'm beginning to be more REALISTIC and down to earth by thinking about Char Keow Teow and chocolate indulgence @secret recipe. hmmmm. this could be a neverending entry. so GOODBYE for NOW.


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Anonymous said...

i luvvvvvvvvvv this entry coz it's about FOODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!haha..

Fatin, i can still remember that day perfectly...the rain n ikea...hehe...tq bw i situ...also to chocolate boutique... =)