Thursday, August 26, 2010

i'm so savvy!!! =b

okay after today, i realize that i've used my iphone to the MAXIMUM. for the first time i tak membazirrrrr. LOL. why?

okay first, i've finally learned how to use my ibooks!!! now i don't have to buy books as i have downloaded them into my phone. gossip girl: check. shopaholic series: check. advanced grammar: CHECK!!!. LOL. oh my effin god. i'm just so excited.

*cough*cough* i have only learned a few weeks back how to put in videos into my iphone.. okay i knowwwww. too late!!! anyways,..... not only do i include music videosssss, i have inserted victoria's secret fashion shows into my iphone as well. LOL.

note to self: i need to go to a computer shop and get myself a converter DVD. i'm SICK of doing everything online.

now that i'm such a savvy user of iphone3 perhaps it is a sign that i should get an iphone4? actually i thought of changing to BB but my friend told me that once i'm an apple user it's difficult for me to switch backkkk. or like any other brandssssss...

what do you think? me thinks YESSSSSSS... i should get iphone4. or perhaps an IPAD!!! but on black friday, it is said that google will come out with another TABLET.. focus fatin focussssss.

okay i can't wait NEXT WEEK i'm getting another JOJO (i have to jojos: one is my PUPPY). actually JOJO has arrived yesterday morning BUTTTTT, it needs to be FINALIZED. perfect timing.. a great birthday gifttttt???

haha. this is such a WEIRD entry. i don't think anybody can understand this entry unless you are in my close circle of friendssss...

okay i need to sleep now. PRONTOOOO!

p/s : i need a new watch!!! with the fact that i might get the rm500 bonus i thought of getting a toywatch instead of a baby-g / swatch. but i don't knowwwww!!! i really don'tttt. i'll just wait until next week. =b

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