Tuesday, August 17, 2010


during my MRSM days, there was this girl who was like really CRAZY. by CRAZY i mean really crazy. anyways, this girl really liked to BULLY other people. cause she's like GIANT in DORAEMON. for example, when queuing up to buy something, whenever she comes, she will simply cut the queue. i even had a fight once over the TV's remote control (according to my friend but i don't really remember). and OBVIOUSLY i LOST. eiii memangla ntah pehape betul perangai dulu. ahahaha. so i was stalking her FB and blog today and she's ENGAGED!! she's getting married next month and i was like rolling my EYES! i don't know whether to say my reaction is positive or negative. BUT i cannottttt believe thissssssssssss!!! haha. okay this is a short and random entry but yeah... i'm just SURPRISED.

oh yes. i'm tired of being EMO and DEPRESSED on my blog. life can be a misery but i still managed to put a smile on my face and laugh whenever NEEDED.

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