Monday, November 1, 2010


happy monday people... my monday sucked big time... i did manage to do more of my marking but i hate it when people expect too much from me... every individual is different... you can't expect everyone to be the same... if you don't like me you can just leave me... urghhh today is such a sucky sucky day... right now i really feel like checking into a hotel where i don't have to deal with anybody that i know... i mean like... HELLO! you yang emo-emo and then when i respond back to you with sarcasm than you bole pulak nak MARAH! F-U. oh my god. geram gila. when you do it to people it's okay. but when i do it you emo plak. like duh!!! sorry it's not a happy monday entry... but right now, at this moment my life sucks big time! urghhhhhhhhhhh!!! you can be such a pain!

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