Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today Was A Fairytale


Sangatla tak sbenarnye. HAHA. (referring to the title) What have I been doing?? downloading movies for my iphone. so that takla bosan sangat jage periksa next week. Oh mon dieu! I'm so well prepared. HAHA.

BTW, yesterday's gossip girl was THE BOMB! too bad Chuck & Blair broke up in the end, but I swear I was totally swooning with yesterday's episode... haha.

Anyways, tiba2 I feel so menyampah with a friend of mine. Do you have friends that is so MENGADE-NGADE?? (although sometimes i admit i am too). by 'mengade-ngade' i mean, you have to ALWAYS listen to her. if not you will 'guris' her hati or to her, you are not a good friend. if she is such a 'mulia' friend it's okay. unlikely, capitalized NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i'm just saying. okay, i can't 'ulas' more....

OK I have been watching the whole Season 2 of ROYAL PAINS yesterday. BEST! anyways, in the finale i've learn a new word! that is:


What is 'YENTA MOUTH'???
i googled it obviously.
and what does it mean?? haha...

a person, especially a woman, who is meddlesome or gossipy; a busybody, gossip, blabbermouth.

oh my god!! haha. am i a YENTA MOUTH???
so as I was discussing with my friend Kay and I was trying to deny that I am a gossiper, and she said, 'TAKLA.. Kite memang suke GOSSIP!'.

But we have decided that we are a different category of GOSSIPERS... the cool ones and the not so cool ones.

a. the makcik-makcik / uncool ones. you know how in school / workplace there's this makcik2 yang sangat suka sebok2 cerita orang; bila nak kawen, sape bf, orang mane, kerja ape etc. WELL, I'm not in that category. DEFINITELY NOT! if this were fashion it would be like WAL-Mart/ K-Mart / Target (Though they have pretty stuffs). This category of gossipers would simply BLURT out EVERY SINGLE SECRETS to anyone they like.

b. the cool ones. OHH sangat GOSSIP GIRL. haha. where you're actually interested in the actual DIRT and only for INTERESTING PEOPLE. LOL. and it has got to be true. so UNCOOL if it's not true. MORE HIGH END. If this category of gossipers were to blurt it out, it would be in a classy way. Believe me. LOL.

In conclusion, I believe that I fall into category B. OMD! I am so perasan... HAHAHA.

This is one of my longest entries ever! HAHA.

Oh tonight, I'm going to make 'flan' for pot luck tomorrow. SIMPLE aje. but i hope it'll turn out to be good.

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