Thursday, November 11, 2010


okay this is so lame. i've been waiting forever to watch this movie, aisha. it's a hindi movie btw. anyways, it's supposed to be an adaptation / westernized version of 'Emma' Jane Austen's book. anyways, i've finally bought it and to my disappointment, it's supposed to be a ROMANTIC COMEDY but it fails to draw any of my emotions. and i can't stand the fact that is is TOO SIMILAR with 'clueless' which is like my all-time favourite romantic comedy. The only high point of the movie are the costumes and fashion trends. and the heroin is kinda cute... my favourite scene:

aisha : Papa, I think I'm in love.
papa : You think, or you know?
aisha : I think.
papa : Then it's 100% love.

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