Friday, November 12, 2010

to sum up

okay. what did i do today? i woke up at 8.30. but i was so lazy to do house chores i stayed in my room at do my weekend cyber stalking. which is kind of boring. cause i have no idea who else should i stalk. pffftttt. anyways, i managed to get my lazy arse to get down and say good morning to the familia. after helping my mum *cough*rajinnye*cough*, my mum asked me to go out to Maslee with my dad to buy groceries. urghhh. definitely not the coolest place on earth. and since i just woke up i was so lazyyyy to take an early shower but my dad nak pegi ASAP so i simply wash my face & brush my teeth and put on yoga pants and ta-daaa! i'm ready to go. without combing my hair i simply tie it into a ponytail. it's not like i'll meet anyone. then my dad wanted to use my car, i was like okayyy... tak kesah pun pasal nak senang parking... when my dad entered my car macam biasela ade aje bende yang irritates him:

a. mine&liana's surat perlantikan pengawas spm. haha. it was put in my backseat. without any envelopes or files. haha.
b. i forgot to turn off my radio. and it was blasting!!!

then while looking for the stuffs... i met someone that i recognized. another teacher. but i think i managed to hide pretty well. LOL.

finally, after paying, we went straight to the car with a fully packed trolley.

then, when my dad opened the back of my car,... it was filled with goodie bags from my dinner!!! and my sport shoes, flip flop & sandals.

so to sum up, on the way back memang sakitla telingaaaaaaaa....

P/S: I know it's not much of an interesting story. but i've been reading my novel for quite a while that I need to do something else. that's why i wrote this entry.

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