Friday, November 12, 2010

Today I Fancy...

Today I fancy Lauren Conrad's new style book. I've read up online reviews on the book and I might get it as I love her style. Why do I love her??

a. I love her habit of playing with her hair
b. I love how she always braids her hair during the final season of 'the hills'
c. I love how she always put on scarves on her head during the first few seasons (that's why I bought scarves to =b)
d. I love how she always look great even with plain tops
e. I love how she wears her eyeliner (though I can never get it right)
f. I love the way she talks
g. I love how she wears lots of Chanel. She even gave Heidi a Chanel bag. (The Hills is where my fond towards Chanel began. BUT, for now I can only wear Chanel's perfume and makeup only =( ).
h. I love how she gets irritated easily which makes me feel like I'm not the only person who gets irritated easily as well.
i. I love how she always wears her ray ban wayfarers beautifully.

Okay after 2 hours of afternoon nap. I'm no longer EMO. LOL. That's what me thinks.

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