Thursday, November 11, 2010

so sad

okay. i've been watching chinta. so lame i know. but i'm totally hooked with the show cause tak pernah boring. usually many malay shows tend to have TOO MANY boring characters so i never follow them properly but CHINTA is like so different. and cepat aje the flow. tak la macam some shows yang asyik flashback and repeat the same songs. anyways, the ending is so sad!!!!!! i menanges gile la!! the emotions of the characters touch you deep. so the moral value: *sigh* i wish / pray that i can be such a patient woman. cause the best things come to those who wait. i like how rasul iman said to chinta that only god know 'apa yang tersurat dan tersirat' which is a reply to an earlier statement chinta made in the earlier episodes, 'manusia ni suka percaya pada yang tersurat dan tidak mahu memahami yang tersirat'. okay you might say what i'm saying is so LAME but i can't help it that i really liked the lines of the movie. i think from now on i should stop being judgmental towards others cause: a. i'm not much of a saint b. everyone has their own reasons for being whoever they are today.

P/S: they should have given some time for rasul iman to be with chinta. =b but then it wouldn't be that sad i guess.

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