Sunday, October 23, 2011


hello! i thought that i'd blog more often but time isn't always on my side. so since tuesday last week, i have been in kl for a meeting. of my four days there, i went to sephora for four times! on the first day, i went to sephora at starhill and the following three days i was loyal to sephora at KLCC. =b

i bought a lot of sephora bath and body products as i love the musk almond scent (if i'm not mistaken. i couldn't be bothered to check them) . in fact i love it so much that i no longer think of victoria's secret products... at first i bought it to get the free bathtub *slaps forehead* but as i tried them, i love it more and more. they definitely calm me.. hahaha.. and if i have my own place, i will only wash my hands with sephora products.. hahahaha...

as i was there, i have been introduced with soap & glory products... my face is not sensitive to any products but i haven't found a skincare product that makes my skin GLOW like J-Lo!! haha... so i read some good reviews on this label, i made the decision to try some of the products... plus, the products are not pricey at all...

i love the smell of this cleanser!!!

after washing my face with the cleanser, i'd put this on.. after four days of using this, i realize that my pores are shrinking BUT... i wonder whether MAYBE the blackheads are stuck inside?? do you get what i mean??

i really hope that this product works!!! the rave over this product is big but i haven't tried them on as i'm too lazy to get warm water *slaps forehead* kan water heater punye shower WARM... (only now i realize this)

will try my best to update whenever i feel the products working!! tomorrow need to start working out!! i have been slacking for almost a week already!!!

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