Sunday, October 30, 2011

when i wear it one day..

i've just bought the latest issue of glam magazine.. while i was going through the events section, i can't help but notice how gorgeous norjuma is. i used to like her when she was a tv host but at that time i couldn't be bothered by her style & poise. there aren't much pictures of her on the internet but i like the way she wears her hijab. it's so simple and practical. when i choose to wear it one day, i would definitely want to wear it in her style. (kalaulahhh kurus mcm die!)

man.. i love this kebaya!! tiba2 nk buat mcm ni satuuu! haha. actually i have this kind of batik from a friend who bought it in indo but the tailor made it so big!!!

oh yeah.. i learned that she was 105kg & got back to 58kg by just eating sayur rebus for 6 months! sayur rebussss?????? seriously????? i have limited choices of veges that i like!!!!!!

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