Friday, October 28, 2011

The Lying Game

This whole day, I thought of doing school related stuffs but since this is a mini break, I decided to watch The Lying Game the whole day. After watching Episode 1, I was already itching for more.

Sara Shepard is a genius writer! <-- she wrote Pretty Little Liars.. even though I'm a little bit too old to be reading / watching her work, i can't help but enjoy them. I finish the whole entire season in one day...

This actress reminds me of the character Marissa Cooper from The O.C. although she looks similar to Elena from the Vampire Diaries. Guess now brunette girls are so in. (FYI, I love brunettes).

The synopsis:

'Two identical sisters are dealt two very different hands in life. Emma is an orphan who got passed from foster home to foster home. Sutton is a charmed teen who got adopted by a wealthy family in Arizona. When Emma can no longer stand her current living situation, she sets up a meeting with Sutton. Only the arrival isn't quite the reunion she imagined, as Sutton immediately convinces her to trade places, so she can follow a lead on their birth mother.

Emma has limited options, considering she was running from Social Services. She reluctantly agrees. With new clothes and a new car, she heads off as Sutton. Sutton, meanwhile, tells her that everything she needs to know is on her laptop. Too bad a burglar swiped that at the conclusion of the pilot.

Emma handles the transition awkwardly, but fairly well, given the circumstances. After all, Sutton tells her it would only be two days until they could switch back... but then she fails to show up. The closing shot depicts Sutton on the receiving end of a surprise attack. But from who? Hello, mystery number-one!

Sutton also insinuated that her parents did something horrible and know more than they lead on about her adoption, just providing one of moments that left me scratching my head for more answers.

Such as: Who can Emma trust now that she can't reach Sutton? Which adorable guy is actually Sutton's boyfriend? What more do Sutton's parents know?'

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