Wednesday, October 26, 2011

stoooooppppiiiiiiiddddddd me!

i made such a stooooppiiiddd mistake... i'm so angry at myself.. as some of you may know, my laptop is broken. but my hard disk is finnneeeee.. i was so happy with that.. WASSSS... i just need to get the external case.. so i went to another shop to get the case and feeling very lazy to do anything as the salesperson said that could not open it, he asked me to format it and i sort of forced him to do it (i didn't tell him that my external is from a MACBOOK) *slaps forehead* you can't open a macbook harddisk on a windows laptop... urghhhh!!! i am so stress thinking of all my teaching materials that have been deleted.. there's just sooo soo sooo many teaching materials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and not to forget my NZ pictures.. i need most of the pictures for my wedding.... UUUUUWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

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