Tuesday, October 25, 2011

tuesday craving

i just feel like having 'craving' entries starting from today even if my 'cravings' won't come true. looking at this picture, i want a workspace of my own (and yes, my own imac). that's my wish for today. my own workspace, imac and an inspiration board. oh yes.. i know i'm not creative or do a lot of DIY projects.. i still need an inspiration board nonetheless.. =)

random note:
i just realized that i have lots of 'emo' entries in my blog. someone did mention that to me sometime ago to just live and enjoy life instead of always complaining.. and yes.. only today do i get the message...

i could totally paste this note on my own inspiration board if i have any right now -_-'

another random note:
i need to label my posts!! please fatin jangan malas!

this i need to paste on that soon-to-be inspiration board of mine~!!!


Salina said...

letak like button skali pls.

Fatin Haya said...

Hahaha.. Why?