Thursday, December 8, 2011


I put my make up almost everywhere. sometimes, i'd find my lipsticks in my bags, than my powder in my sis room & sometimes things magically disappear under my car seat.. =b

Since my make up could vanish easily, I've decided to collect them & categorise them so that I when I see them, I'd wear them more often...

I have to see them, cause if I don't see them, I'd never use them.. hehe..

oohh.. and i just realized that I only have one blusher & I never like to use it!!

my brushes / eye-liners / mascaras

my lip-glosses, lip balms, lipsticks.. i feel like there are more but can't seem to locate them =b

my make-up basics: powders, foundations, concelears, primers, etc.

my eyeshadows, coloured eye-liners from VS (never seem to know how to wear them =b). hmm.. i need to put more colours on my eyes..
ooohhh and the bobbi brown & VS eye pallete are my makeup saviors.. so many choices & it's a lot cheaper than buying only one shade. (though I've always dream of buying all the colours of eyeshadows.. a girl can only dream...)

now i've add in an entertainment section in my room. since i like to watch TV from my bed. =))

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