Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I Promise Myself

I have been promising myself that I have to read.. I feel so stupid as I have not been reading (as if I read 'smart' books =) )... It's not that I no longer love reading as I do spend a lot on books but I no longer have the drive to spend hours just reading... The books are just as interesting today as it was when I was younger...

I simply miss the moments when I can't wait for exams to be over so that I can read my latest Sweet Valley book or READ them AGAIN!!!

This holiday, I have been trying to read them ( I have more than 30 books that I haven't read yet!! *gasp* & I keep stocking more!!) but as I reach the bookshelf, I would notice how dusty my books are and I'd get distracted with my dressing table that I would be cleaning & throwing stuffs out..

I HAVE TO START READING AGAIN. Urghh.. I think that I should start with my favourite genre of books: Chick Lit!

Can you guess which book would be my first read? hehe..

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