Monday, December 5, 2011

what do i miss the most?

sometimes, whenever i'm not doing anything, i like to think of the past. i know living in the past is not a good thing but i like reminiscing on good memories.

this would be one of the boring things that i miss about NZ / uni experience. what i miss the most about 'dating' while mark & i were still students were times when we celebrate our little achievements.

i work better when there's REWARDS / INCENTIVES compared to INTRINSIC MOTIVATION. he knows me so well that whenever he needs me to complete my assignment earlier so that he can refer to it as a 'guide'. i'd usually finish my assignment at least one day prior to the dateline as it'd only take him one whole night to understand the task and complete it. *cough* another similarity with FINA.. hehe..

i never attend classes on days after working SO HARD or during SPECIAL DAYS like raya etc. that's y i hate local unis. abroad, it's okay to attend only half of the lecture without having people to stare at you and the lecturers always upload their notes online! both of us would be too lazy to submit the assignment and usually i'd be the one climbing through the hills to get to the uni to submit our assignments.. sometimes i'd even singgah nab&myto's to submit their assignments as well... just because i never take afternoon naps and i don't sleep late... hehe...

after that i'd usually be glued on my laptop to catch up on my TV series. when mark would wake up he'd bring me to celebrate our achievement my bringing me for late lunch cum dinner and if it's not to late he would allow me to enter as many stores as i want on queen street.. (FYI, he always wants me to PLAN my shopping!!! he needs to understand that i would only realise the things that I NEED when I'm in the shopping mall / street).. hehe...

oh and if it's to late, he'd bring me to FOODTOWN as I love to go through the products and read magazines there..

what can i say?




Anonymous said...

awwwww hunny!!! ~blush~

for what it's worth, that was among many other beautiful memories i had in nz too. cheers to that!!!

p.s: when u wake up tomorrow morning, go check out my blog will ya ;-)

Anonymous said...

aw aw aw. so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Salina is being sweet. :P

Fatin Haya said...

hehehe.. salina u betul2 kate sweet ke?? hehe..

Anonymous said...

yer la!! since when i pandai kiss ass u. hahahha.