Thursday, December 29, 2011

who knew

who knew that watching ombak rindu on youtube could be so much FUN even when you have so many things to do & errands to run..

I was so pissed off with dude S that I thought that I need to blow off some steam by taking some nap. people who are close to me know that I hardly take afternoon naps.. to me, resting is visiting malls, watching dramas & reading.. when I noticed that ombak rindu is already on youtube (which means it's the DVD is already out.. hehe..), I thought that I'd watch for a few minutes and would soon doze off since I know the whole story (as I've watched it twice at the cinema).

but NOOOOOOO!!!! i had to watch the whole thing and this time, i can really focus on the romantic scenes as there aren't any kids running around, screaming or crying in front of me..

I didn't really like the song THAT MUCH watching it the first two times but now that I've focused on the scenes & really 'listen' to the lyrics of the songs.. they are very inspiring & beautiful.. ehehe..

my favourite song would definitely be 'ombak rindu' but i personally feel that if the guy were to sing it alone, it'd sound nicer.. not a big fan of the girl's voice.. mmm..

'Tuhan lembutkan hati dia
Untuk terima ku seadanya
Kerna ku tak sanggup
Kerna ku tak mampu
Hidup tanpa dia di sisi ku'

oh my god! my favourite scene will always be.. hehe.. minute 20 something2 where Izzah tried to give some kuih to Hariz but he's already asleep.. ala.. that scene!! haha..

okay.. why am I writing this entry when this movie is so few weeks back.. LOL..

must stay positive..

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