Wednesday, December 7, 2011

what i wish for

Oh my god! Can you believe it? It's already december.. (such a cliche. i know) I'd love to get excited on thinking of my new year's resolution, wanting to save more money, trying to improve on my time management and eating&living healthily etc.

I think that for this year's resolution, I want to be a better individual by learning to ZIP UP my mouth.

Sometimes, when i could not control my emotions, I would speak my mind without thinking first. That could sometimes get me into trouble & I have learned quite a number of lessons beginning from my teen life to working life.

What I've learned is that all the 'I hate the way she...', 'she's so...', 'I don't like her' could backfire.

I've always known that all these 'he said, she said' can be untrue! (this person hears from that person who heard it from another person and oh god that person could possibly just be making his / her own assumption!)

Gossiping can be FUN but when you are the topic of the gossip, it is not that fun anymore. Everyone has feelings and what's funny / interesting to you may not be the same to the person going through it. After meeting all sorts of people, I have come to realize that everyone has their own reasons in doing something that may be 'wrong' to you. It is really none of our business.

In fact, everyone has their own strengths & weaknesses. Instead of finding others' faults or comparing yourself with others, you should spend time & reflect on your own mistakes. Believe me, that can go on FOREVER.

After this, if I'm really pissed off with someone, I would confide in people whom I really trust and would love me no matter what.

Fatin, this year, please just be NICE =)

P/S: I have to be thinner too as I am getting married. That has got to be on my new year's resolution as well. =b

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